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Holy Avenger Interpretations

For fun, I decided to attempt a redesign of Holy Avenger from Dungeons and Dragons. I like the overall theme of the original, but wanted to try a version that was more realistically proportioned and grounded in historical European sword design.

In the first version on the left, I wanted to remain true to the design aesthetic of the original, with the flared leaf-shaped blade, wing-like cross guard, and the silvery blue color. I focused mostly on the hilt components, resizing the guard and pommel to be more proportionate to the blade. I also redesigned the grip to look more ergonomically similar to what we see on real life examples, and gave it a dark grey/blue leather wrap to give the overall design a bit more contrast.

The second version(s) are pretty detached from the original design. My approach was "if the sword Holy Avenger was made during the Renaissance", and thus I took great liberties with the design. Admittedly it has very little in common with the D&D original, but I quite liked the design and still wanted to include it here.